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2020 Was a difficult year for a lot of us. I found myself in a room with a closed door staring at an empty project thinking to myself "How the hell am I gonna do this? What should I write? Should I even keep going with this bat shit crazy idea?" Its a terrifying thing staring into a void with nothing but yourself and a vague idea of a sound or musical passage. I became very conflicted and in a way, at war with myself.


Today we have more tools and resources than we know what to do with. There are more ways to create than ever before. However, for me, I needed the confinement to calm the craziness in my head. I became torn between the modern sounds of technology and the traditional sounds of the orchestra. On one hand I had the huge, deep vibes from synths and sine waves. while on the other hand I had the warm, earthy and imperfect sounds of wood and brass. Somehow after all this inner conflict, a new sound emerged.


I've always been drawn to nature as well as new technologies. It feels like two things that shouldn’t mix but, somehow find a way to come together. Its a cliché story but still relevant. As the sounds emerged I visualized a creature from far away that was comprised of everything organic and earthly, combined with technology and metal. I call it...


"Of Earth and Metal"

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