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I really wanted to try to find a different approach to this EP. There's something really special about being in a room during any kind of musical performance. After a few years of working mostly with samples and computer based instruments I came to realize that I really miss hearing all the textures and imperfections in a performance.


For this EP I knew that I wanted to use a small ensemble and capture a closer sound than what I'm used to hearing. I decided to stick with the sounds of a string quartet while also sticking with some of the ideas and techniques I have been experimenting with over the past couple of years.

The process of writing “Human for a Moment” started at my studio in Rochester, MN. I knew that I wanted to stick with using both classical instruments and electronic/computer based instruments. The challenge was how to run a recording session with the incredibly limited resources available while also using pre recorded synth and sound design parts. Fortunately the musicians and studio personnel at Minnehaha Studio helped navigate through the music! 

Cheng Elli.jpg

Lost in light was an idea that I had around 3 years ago. I've been more and more fixated on the art of dance and I really wanted to find a way to incorporate that into my work. Last year, I had the privilege of meeting an individual that really brought the same human elements that I've been really trying to find in the past couple of years, and the short film we created is an emotionally charged and inspired film that perfectly captures the emotions and the vision I had for this album. 

It really feels like we are at a pivotal point in instrumental music and what used to be considered classical ensembles. Going to the orchestra is still an amazing experience, however it's becoming increasingly outdated. The pandemic really pushed society into the digital world. I do think that there should always be a home for classical music such as Vivaldi and Chopin, steps should be taken to make way for modern composers. The orchestra need to be allowed to progress and innovate new ways of performing.    

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