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​            Greg LeGette is a film and TV composer, musician, sound designer and audio professional with a passion for orchestral sound along with a love for studio recording. Greg is a regular recording artist and has contributed vocal recordings for films in LA and Australia. He has also written music for a number animated children’s shows produced in Paris, France and the score for the Star Wars fan film “The Blood Crystal” produced in Michigan. In addition to film and TV, Greg has composed several pieces for orchestral and concert band performance.

            Greg had an incredible passion for music from an early age. The first film score to spark Greg’s passion was Tim Burton’s adaptation of, “Batman”. The score written by Danny Elfman would later be a driving force for Greg’s career. While in school, Greg picked up a trombone and started making noise as soon as he could. Greg honed his performing skills through middle and high school and achieved placement in Georgia’s All State Band and Orchestra. After high school Greg was accepted into the Navy music program and performed as a trombonist and vocalist in group’s ranging from classical, jazz and pop and performing in more than 14 countries around the globe. After completing military service, he began working in a world-renowned recording studio near Seattle, Washington. It was here that Greg found a passion for the recording arts and began learning the ins and outs of audio and music recording.


            Greg has made a name for himself as a composer who truly understands all aspects of music and sound. He has been on both sides of the conductor’s baton as well as experienced every side of the recording process. He has a great love for orchestra and deep understanding of what truly brings heart to music.


“Its truly incredible to experience a group of musicians sit in a room and bring a sound to life without ever saying a word. And to sit and listen to musicians who dedicate every ounce of themselves to every single detail of every single note.” 

                                                                  Greg LeGette


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