​Greg LeGette is an American based composer, voice actor, vocalist and studio musician. Greg grew up in the southern town of Waycross, Georgia.


After high school, Greg began his professional music career as a trombone player in the United States Navy music program.


While in the military, Greg sharpened his skills by performing a plethora of genres as both a trombone player and vocalist across the United States and a multitude of countries in Asia and the South Pacific including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia.


While stateside Greg honed his skill as a stage actor and singer in local plays and musicals. After being honorably discharged from military service, he continued his career by becoming involved with Robert Lang Studios as both a student and recording professional. 


The skills gained in Military Music as well as life in a major recording studio has given him and incredible edge in the film music composition!

"I'm in love with everything involving film! It's all about telling a great story. I love and understand how everything you hear fits together in a way that really brings a film to life! From the music, sound effects and dialogue all the way down to the tiny details like footsteps that really keep you emotionally involved with a story!"